My Top Christmas Picks

  1.  My favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms.
  2. My favorite Holiday treat is Christmas Sugar Cookie.
  3. My favorite Christmas movie is the Grinch. Here is a link
  4. When it is Christmas Time I like to Play Video Games more. And I would be watching more videos than I usually watch.
  5. You should buy someone video games, because video games are great. I would want a lot of video games. For example NBA 2k22.
  6. For the holidays I could cook for my family. I will shovel my neighbors snow. I will be nice. I can go give candy to people. I could also gift them with soda.
  7. Here is the Best Christmas Meme
  8. The best gift to give to someone is yummy Mcdonalds.
  9. A fun fact about Christmas is it wasn’t always on December 25
  10. The best memory of Christmas for me is when I got my PS4. When I got home I was playing for at least 10 hours. Grinding 2k And raging at the game. Amazing Right.

My dream bedroom

I have always wanted to have my own dream bedroom.  The first thing that I would what is a lot of Jordans. Like Jordan 1s and the 11s. The second thing that I would want would be Jordan 1 retro Travis Scotts. Below are the links to the items click on the picture to view. The second thing I would want is a lot of food in my room, because I am always hungry. I would like a lot of soda. And a huge bed.                                                 

Friday Funnies

I have a few videos to share, I think that they are funny. Click below to see the first one. Watch fore about 22 seconds it gets good. Its amazing


Today we will hold the funeral of Kermit da frog, may he rest in peace

Enjoy these one, man showcases swimming skills, good part starts from 9 seconds.


We have a 2 more vids hope you like them


Moto Moto doesn’t like you

The last one is very funny if you don’t laugh your humor is broken


How to shoot a basketball

This post will show you how to shoot a basketball. The first step obviously is to have a basketball. You can get one at a sporting goods place, or you can get one at Walmart.



The next step is placement. If you’re right handed then your right hand should be on the top of the ball, and your left hand should be on the side of the basketball. It should look like this.


If your left handed than you have your left hand of top of the ball, and your right hand on the side of the ball. It should look like this.

For the jump shot you bend your legs and then jump up. And then you release the ball. Thats how to shoot a basketball.


My family

This is my avatar family. In my family  I have 2 brothers, and my mom and my dad.

Lets start off with my youngest brother.

This is my brother Sami. He is 3 years old and will turn 4 in April.

He likes to run a lot, watch TV, and he likes to play with the guitar.

This is my other brother Adam. He is 5 years old and will turn 6 in May.

He loves to play games on the phone, and he loves to go to school.

This is my mom. She loves to do math, learn new things, and play tennis.

And she also likes to play soccer. She also likes to read.


This is my dad. My dad loves to play soccer.

And likes to program things. And he also loves to read.


That is my avatar family.

A little about me

My name is Yaz. One thing that describes me is energetic. And something I will never eat again is sushi. If I had to live off of one food for the rest of my life I would choose Mcdonalds food. If I were a sea animal I would like to be a shark, because I would be eating a lot. If I had a time machine I would go to the future so I can see if the 76ers ever win a finals. And if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Virginia.

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